Drawing for KS2 recumbent


This product is no longer available, but for those who wish to build from scratch, we here offer the main dimensions of our KS2 frame. This should enable you to make you first home built a nice one to ride. Have a close look at the photographs of details on this site.


The information offered in this drawing is intended for home builders only and may not be used for commercial purposes. Dutch Speed Bicycles does not accept any legal responsibility for the use of these drawings

We cannot take any responsibility for errors or damage or accident resulting from the making, or the use that you or others may make of anything anyone builds using this drawing as a guideline or as an inspiration.

drawing ks2

Drawing KS2

drawings KS2 (PDF in Dutch with English notes)

Drawing KS2Drawing aluminium bracket parts 1

Drawing KS2Drawing aluminium bracket parts 2

Drawing KS2 Drawing aluminium bracket parts 3

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Should you encounter any problem in downloading the manual please let us know.

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In case your are wondering where the u bolts come from: They come from standard steel wire clamps.





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